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Fitness Ladies
2019 Local Business Award Winner
2021 Local Business Award Winner

South West Sydney's Award Winning gym for "Most Outstanding Fitness Service" for 2019 and 2021, and finalist in 2023, 2022 and 2020, invites you to....

2020 Local Business Award Finalist
2022 Australian Small Business Champion Finalist
2023 Local Business Award Finalist

Discover a Welcoming Family Gym Free from Judgment

Dive into the realm of a family-oriented gym where acceptance reigns supreme. We're here to guide you on your journey toward becoming your envisioned self. Embark on a transformative path:


At our gym, you're not just a member, you're part of a supportive community that celebrates your progress without judgment. Allow us to assist you in reaching your desired goals, whether it's achieving peak fitness, shedding weight, or forging meaningful friendships.

Tap below to grab your free trial voucher.

2022 Local Business Award Finalist

Honestly the best gym I have tried so far and I have been to all of them.

Never have I been so comfortable and welcomed into a family orientated well oiled team like I have been coming into this gym. Not only are the trainer hands on in helping you accomplish your goals The employees including the manager and all the team working for Fitness Forum are also amazing people.

The equipment is top both in the latest and newest but also the environment is just an amazing energy.

Trust me give it a shot and you will not be disappointed. Can't fault this gym one bit.

Jen Nantini

Member wiping down equipment

Unleash Your Potential:

Transform Your Life with Our Community

Are you ready to ignite a positive change in your life? Whether you're seeking weight loss, enhanced self-esteem, increased energy, or freedom from discomfort, we invite you to embark on this transformative journey with us.


Join our vibrant gym in Green Valley and connect with a community of kindred spirits who are dedicated to personal growth and well-being. Our exceptional Personal Trainers, some of the finest in the region, curate invigorating classes that fuse enjoyment and fitness. Even before you realise it, you'll witness remarkable progress, shedding weight and gaining newfound confidence.


Have you envisioned slipping into that dream dress or embracing the beach with confidence? Yearning for a vibrant life, pain-free? Our family-oriented gym welcomes you to an environment brimming with like-minded individuals. Our distinct sense of community fosters an unparalleled network of supportive friends, all pursuing fitness aspirations similar to yours.

Group Exercise Class
Hear it from our members

Finally Fit into that -

Dream Dress

Our cutting-edge classes are meticulously tailored to encompass the latest advancements in scientific methodology. Experience rapid weight loss, fat reduction, muscle toning, and enhanced fitness – all condensed into an efficient timeframe.

Emerge as an inspiration not only for yourself but for others too! We're genuinely committed to propelling you towards your goals.

Our elite Personal Trainers, handpicked from South West Sydney, helm our sessions, boasting in excess of 10 years of expertise. Their proficiency, coupled with their unwavering commitment to staying updated on sports science, ensures optimal results in the briefest span.

Embrace our tight-knit community, reassured by the fact that you're under the guidance of consummate professionals. Our trainers meticulously craft programs tailored to your aspirations. Allow us to guide you as you work towards your objectives. Scientifically proven classes await, dedicated to weight loss, fitness elevation, toning, and flexibility enhancement.

Fitness Forum health club green valley gym manager

"Going from someone who trained 5 days a week and cycling over 80km a day. To becoming a dedicated father to 3 beautiful daughters over the last 8 years, I developed the ultimate Dad Bod.


I too, am on a fitness journey. So with 8kg down and 12kg more to go, I know how hard and intimidating going to the gym can be when you first start out. That is why I wanted to create a community in my gym of people who are supportive and non-judgmental. I believe that goal has been a success."

Brendan Fellows - Gym Owner

Let Us Help You - Achieve your Goals

Class Timetable

Unlimited Classes*

Our classes epitomise the pinnacle of modern scientific research.

Step into a life-altering change.

The moment to free yourself from discomfort is now. How long have you wished for a transformative shift? Health improvement, weight loss, pain eradication – these aspirations can be realised.

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2019 Local Business Awards Winner
2021 Local Business Awards Winner

HIIT IT - (High Intensity Interval Training) Is designed to keep you burning fat up to 24 hours after you have finished training.

SUPERCHARGE - Is a full body workout which will maximise your weight loss in the shortest possible time.

BOOTY BLASTER - Want that Kim Kardashian body? This class focuses on shaping that beautiful booty.


Plus many additional classes.... 

Kristelle's Journey.jpg

If you are someone who finds this video inspirational, then you are the type of member we want!

It's Time to make a change in your Life

Join now and stop feeling pain 

Secure your place today and commence your journey towards a healthier, more empowered you. Your progress can be an inspiration to others, sparking a cycle of growth and positivity.

Seize the opportunity, as class availability is limited. Take the leap now, and expect a prompt follow-up to coordinate your exhilarating inaugural session with our exceptional team. Your transformation begins today.

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