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100 Storey Challenge

(Estimated time 20-30 minutes)

Climb 100 floors on the Powermill with a sled push (to the reception end and back to mirror) with no weight on sled every 20 floors (including at 100 floors = 5 sled pushes in total).


When you pause the Powermill to do your sled push, the timer will count down from 1 minute. You must finish your sled push and start the Powermill again before the 1 minute timer ends. If you don’t, the machine will restart from 0 floors and you will have to start again!

Remember to take a photo of the screen when you finish, showing the number of floors climbed or call a
staff member over to check the screen on the machine.

Start your stopwatch at the beginning and see how long it takes you to complete it. Stop your timer when
you finish the last sled push after 100 floors.

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