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1000 Rep Challenge

(Estimated time 30-45 minutes)

You must complete 100 repetitions of 10 exercises (all in the one workout) to complete this challenge. You
don’t need to do 100 in the one go. For example, you may choose to do 20 of each and split it into 5 sets or you may choose to do 50 reps of each in 2 sets. As long as by the end you have completed the full 100
reps of all 10.

The exercises are:

- Push ups

- Sit ups (use the bench if you are unable to do an unassisted sit up)

- Dumbbell squat press (your bum must touch the bench at the bottom of the squat)

- Rebound lunges (50 each leg)

- Bench dips

- Ball slams

- Trx rows

- Squat jumps

- Box step ups (50 each leg)

- Mountain climbers (100 each leg)

Once complete, come and see reception to have your booklet signed off and completion added to our records.

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