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Learn how to Lose Fat!

Everything you need to know about losing weight and keeping it off!!

Have you tried every diet out there and are sick of the empty promises?

Are you exhausted by the constant misinformation put out by the so called experts?

Do you feel like you’re more confused than ever and are on the verge of giving up?


Are you ready to learn the simple truth about fat loss, that no one else is willing to tell you?

Let us teach you how to lose fat and keep it off for good.


In our seminar, run by Industry Leading Personal Trainer Daniel Gullo, with over 10 years experience in helping people smash their goals, Daniel will run you through a number of topics which include, but are not limited to:


“Jenan is one of the thousands of people that Daniel has helped over the last 10 years to transform their body, health and fitness through his expert guidance.”

  • Energy Balance and the key to losing those unwanted kilo’s!

  • FAD Diets and busting the myths that have you scratching your head

  • Total daily energy expenditure (what makes it up and how it works)

  • Working out your calorie intake and macros to achieve your fat loss goals

  • Learn why you plateau and how you can delay it and then break through it to continue seeing results.

  • The negative effects yoyo dieting has on your body and how it effects you achieving long term results

Imagine the impact achieving your weight loss goals would have on your quality of life and how you enjoy life. Obesity is one of the leaders in health complications, so taking care of your well being through weight management could save you thousands of dollars in the future. 


We have no gimmick or product to upsell to you, we just want to provide you with the best tools possible, to be able to achieve your goals. Therefore Daniel will have your best interests at heart and not have an agenda behind what he is teaching you.

We aren't going to charge you thousands or even hundreds of dollars for you to get your life back, our seminar will only cost you $29.00.

Isn't your future health and wellbeing worth so much more than this? If you believe so, then click on the button below to register.

Brought to you by Fitness Forum Health Club

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