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(Estimated time 25-30 minutes)

A total of 6 kilometers completed over 3 different machines:

1. 1km row on level 10

2. 3km cycle on the spin bike on level 10

3. 2km on the treadmill (run all of it or as much as possible and no holding on or jumping off the sides!)

Take a photo of the screen at the end of each stage to show a staff member so we can mark you off. All 3 stages must be completed one after another in the same workout and in the order listed above. It is recommended that you start a stopwatch at the beginning of the 6 kilometers and stop it at the end of
the treadmill stage. By doing this, you can see your total time (don’t stop/pause the timer between

Once complete, come and see reception to have your booklet signed off and completion added to our records.

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