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What we're doing to protect you.

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Due to COVID-19 Fitness Forum has developed our new "Rules of Respect" that are in addition to our Gym Rules. These have been introduced to help protect everyone's health and safety and been set up using the Government guidelines and in many respects goes above and beyond, because your health is the most important thing to us. As many of you are aware, we have members from a very young age to members who are elderly and who would be more vulnerable to get sick if these new rules aren't followed.

Cleaner than ever before!
  • We have a set cleaning roster and checklist that must be completed by all staff throughout the day, this will include constant cleaning of high touch areas.

  • We have hired a new cleaning company who will deep clean the gym including all equipment 3 times a week, this is on top of our daily cleaning.

  • We have put a number of new disinfectant bottles around the gym for members to use before and after equipment is used.

  • As always, we have hand sanitiser at the entrance to the gym and at the front desk for everyone to use before and after they use the gym.

Social Distancing
  • We have installed screens at reception to protect our staff from getting sick

  • We have introduced and one way in and one way out around the reception desk, to help minimise people getting too close to each other.

  • We have provided masks and gloves for our staff or members  to use if they wish.

  • We have limited access to a number of cardio machines, so as to maintain social distancing, while working out.

  • We have introduced a mobile app for class bookings so as to limit our class sizes.

  • We have marked the functional fitness area with social distancing spots to show members where to stand during classes.

Help Protect each other

What we ask of you, to help us keep everyone safe.

  • Stay Home if  you are sick or feeling unwell. Or if you are showing any of the possible symptoms of COVID-19.

  • Bring a towel. This is now a Government requirement. You will not be allowed to enter with out one.

  • Be ready to train when you arrive at the gym, in your gym gear, it is advised to shower at home.

  • Keep social distancing in place.

  • Only 2 people are to train together at a time.

  • No Bags on the gym Floor.

  • No bikes in the gym entry area.

  • Wash or sanitise your hands when you enter the gym.

  • Sanitise any equipment before and after you use it.

  • Use your towel on any piece of equipment you sit or lay on.

  • Sanitise your hands when you are leaving the gym.

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