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Run the Inca Trail

The Inca Trail run is a 42km run on the treadmills.


It is recommended that you complete this run over a number of sessions. Once you have completed your session for the day make sure you take a photo of the treadmill display showing the distance run and time taken. Take this picture to the staff member on duty at reception and get them to sign it off and also log your results on our tracking sheet. This will then be updated at the end of each day on the wall table.

Life Fitness Treadmill.jpg


- Be aware that the total distance run for that day will be rounded DOWN to the nearest kilometer.

- When you are running on the treadmill, there is strictly a NO HANDS rule. You are not to hold on while you are running.

- You are to run or walk at all times on the treadmill and must not leave the treadmill running at speed without your feet on the belt.

- You are encouraged to run as much of the 42km as possible, only walk if you need a short period of recovery before you start running again.

Good Luck and we hope this challenges you to push your limits.

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