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As Christmas break quickly approaches, it can be hard to stay in control of your fitness journey that you have been working so hard for all year around. We want to indulge and treat ourselves but don’t want to throw away all our hard work of remaining in control of our diet and pushing through those last reps. That’s why we’re here to provide you with our top tips for healthy eating over Christmas break so you can still enjoy yourself as you deserve without setting yourself back too much for the New Year!

We’re lucky enough to enjoy Christmas over summer, which means we have all the colourful sweet fruits in season in Australia. This is the perfect opportunity to make desserts for Christmas lunch with family and friends that are fruit based! Ditch the heavy sugar filled sweets and get creative with the tasty fruits we have in season like mango, berries, apricots and cherries.

Instead of buying something to take to Christmas lunch, why not get creative in the kitchen. Cooking food instead of buying it allows you to have complete control of exactly what goes into the mix and how much of it. This is a tip that can be beneficial in so many ways. You’re now able to make dishes that could be low in calories, sugar free or even low carb. Find some healthier alternatives for some of the ingredients and surprise your family and friends with your cooking skills.

Our third tip is to make wise decisions. Remember quality over quantity. Instead of loading your plate with a little bit of everything just because it’s there, choose a lit bit of your favourite foods. There’s no reason to not eat a little bit of that cake you’ll be keeping your eyes on throughout the whole Christmas lunch, so go ahead … just keep portion sizes in mind and eat slowly so you don’t go for seconds! This way you’ll be spending your calories wisely. Don’t forget to also make wise decisions when it comes to drinks as these calories and grams of sugar can easily add up without you even realising. Stick to water as much as possible or opt for no/low sugar drinks or mineral water as there will be plenty of sugar and fats already on your plate from the main course and dessert.

Holiday season doesn’t mean we have to forget our healthy habits for the entire month of December and January for Christmas and New Years. It’s important to stick to our routine and healthy habits we worked hard to maintain for so long. Make wiser decisions whilst enjoying yourself by using our tips above during Christmas parties and gatherings with family and friends, but remember to maintain in routine every other day just as you would on any other regular day throughout the year.

And there you have a few of our top tips that we will be using to keep in shape over Holiday season and we hope you do too!

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