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5 Fitness Blogs You should be following!

Fitness is not a craze, it's here to stay. Instead of hitting the clubs and drinking martini's, being fit is the new definition of what it means to be sexy. Staying fit can be a challenge, temptations are around literally every corner. Which is why inspiration or 'Fitspo' is such a great way of jumping back on the tracks, so to speak, and sticking with your fitness regime. Not sure which fitspirational people to follow? Follow us. We can show you the way...


Powercakes is the best blog for both youth and women alike. With the rising childhood health problems, the creator of Powercakes Kasey, helps to inspire and motivate people of all ages. Kasey is one of the Top 10 Inspiring Healthy Living Bloggers by SELF magazine. She is a fitness trainer and the author of BODYpeace. She helps the continued spreading of fitness awareness via her blog.

Workout Mommy

If you are a mother and find it extremely difficult to snap back due to shortage of time, this is the blog for you. Written by a single mummy of four, and a trainer, was a fitness profesh before having her children.After her second child was born, she wanted to get back to fitness, and that’s when she began this blog. In here, you will find a “fit mummy” community where you can discuss your fitness goals and problems. The incredible success stories will keep you motivated for more fitness. She also speaks about the best training equipment you need for your home workouts so that you do not skip working out any day.

The Fitnessista

If you are on your way to losing some extra kilos, you will need to read Gina’s blog, The Fitnessista. She lost around 20 kilos, and she will give you the best advice on food and nutrition. Coming directly from her personal experience, her blog is written from the heart and you will find nutritional information, fitness news, postpartum fitness, books, and recipes. Her easy and assuring aura will help you stay focused and stick to your goals in the face of adversity and temptation.


If you want the greatest fitness advice going from the leading fitness experts in the industry, you will find them at here. It has a heap-ton of fitness influencers working with millions of people every day. In this blog, you will find crucial information on health, fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle. You can also find fitness expert to help give advice to you to achieve your fitness goals. And you can get answers by listening to and subscribing to the weekly podcast.

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