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We love getting our sweat on in the gym, but there is nothing like the feeling you get when you slip into a brand new pair of leggings. They feel so supportive, they make you feel *ahem* 'secured' whilst bounding at high speed on the treadmill. While the prospect of developing a tight and toned tummy is enough for most - theres nothing more satisfying and inspiring than a brand new gym wardrobe to get you excited about training! We have compiled a few looks which have us feeling motivated, we hope that you do too!

1. Bella Hadid: Retro Cool. - Bring the 90's back, in a good way. We're feeling this ultra modern take on sports trackpants and off the shoulder top.

2. Selena Gomez: Simple and Chic. Pair black crop and shorts with white accessories and you'll be feeling wonderfully trendy in no time. Less is more. 3. Bella Hadid: All White. We love the boldness that an all white workout outfit has. This one is for the brave, but if you feel like taking it to next level - this is your look. 4. Alessandra Ambrosio: Sleek and Sophisticated.

Pair wet look leggings with a loose-fitting boxed crop for instant gym credibility.

5. Hailey Balding: Shades of Grey. Keep your cool in an under-rated grey pair of leggings. Keep the look complimentary by ensuring balance of hues on top and bottom. Also, Adidas!

6. Alessandra Ambrosio: Cut-out Doll!

Of course we had to add this mega babe in twice because she is not only fitness goals, but she manages to look elegant in pretty much everything! We love the barely there sexiness of the cut out detail on the shoulders and on the leggings.

We hope you're feeling inspired! Let us know what looks you'd like to see Fitness Forum create with our next Gym Merchandise launch (To be announced in 2019).



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