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How to: Fake your tan!

Don't live life regretting the amount of sun damage you have acquired over the years. The days of lathering in baby oil and laying under the suns harmful and cancer causing rays are thankfully behind us. Now days, companies such as Le Tan and Bondi Sands (to name a couple) have revolutionised the way we tan. See you later Winter, and hello Summer Glow!

Heres how you can fake a glamorous vacation glow, even if your spending summer indoors.

  1. Try a Lighter, More Subtle Glow. Fake tans are notorious for turning orange, and if you don't have a great deal of melanin in your skin or haven't tanned before we strongly suggest starting with a gradual tanner, which is a moisturiser that gradually builds up a tan over a few weeks. The other benefit to this type of tan is that people won't see you mysteriously turn into a glowing goddess overnight. It will actually look like you've been working on a natural tan.

  2. Focus on Where the Sun Would Naturally Hit. Applying tanners all over is tedious work and sometimes we only need to tan certain areas for that particular strappy gown on a special occassion. For that reason, tanning the areas that are visible is a great option. If you are looking to achieve a hint of a glow, using a soft brush and applying a small amount of tan to areas that would normally be hit by sunlight can help towards that goal. Think Forehead, cheeks, shoulders and arms.

  3. Try Wash-Off Formulas for a Quick Glow. One hour tans are a thing. If you (like myself) hate the smell and very thought of walking around in sticky fake tan - this type of tanner will be your absolute fave. No changing bed sheets, no mess, no streaks. We love it!

  4. Test It Out First. Make sure you don't break out in a rash rather than a tan and be sure to apply a small amount of tanner behind your ear and leave it for 24-48 hours (patch testing) to ensure you won't be covered in welts while you're out and about during the holiday season.

  5. Don't Overdo It. Yes, too much tan can be a bad thing. Lindsay Lohan circa 2000's. Use a small amount of tan and using tanning mitts, blend the product out. You can always gradually build up a tan but it is harder to remove than varnish so take care when applying.

  6. Exfoliate. Scrub before you apply tanner so that you maximise the length your tan will stay looking fresh. Scaly skin isn't very becoming, so moisturise daily to maintain that golden goddess status. A high quality, affordable tanner most of us rely on are the Uber Tan range by Le Tan, available at most supermarkets.

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