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Is a Meal Delivery Service Really Worth It?

Preparing meals each week takes time, effort and money. Did we mention effort? Seriously. And the more options you want equates to even more of all the above.

Like most people, this is an important aspect of my health and fitness routine, however at times can feel like a burden rather than a joy.

It seems fitting that Meal Delivery Services such as Muscle Meals Direct are stepping in to take the stress away!


There are two massive ones: convenience, and variety. Muscle Meals delivers a box of food for me to collect at Fitness Forum every Sunday (too easy!) packed with meals of all different flavours which is quite exciting.

Even when I have time to meal prep, I don't have time to make anything much more than grilled chicken, or tuna, steamed veggies and brown rice, so having a range of chicken and beef and lamb and seafood-based meals to pick from is a huge novelty.

Muscle Meals Direct reclaims time from meal prepping as its biggest advantage.

When prepping meals for a week, you’re not just spending a couple of hours in the kitchen. It’s planning out meals and recipes, going grocery shopping, then actually cooking, before having to clean up when it’s all done which can take a full day on the weekend to actually prepare.


The biggest issue with ready made meals is remembering to defrost them and also to find a microwave handy during meal times. In the office it can be a challenge to secure the microwave for long enough to adequately reheat your food before Linda from Accounts starts to tap her fork on the bench behind you.

If you're working outdoors, a microwave at the job site is a pretty lucky find. In this case I would only recommend Meal Delivery Services for your dinner.


In summary, you should give Muscle Meals a go, or try one of our ready to eat My Muscle Chef meals (available for purchase in the gym) if you just want to try a pre-made meal. These meals are there to fuel you to reach your goals so they are important if you are serious about shaping up — those convenience-and-variety pros definitely outweigh the cons.

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