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Lacking Motivation?

Consistency while working out is key! However, a challenge we all face is staying motivated. We’re here to provide you with tips to ensure your fitness journey is a successful and continuous one!

If you ever find yourself dreading to get up and hit the gym, try switching up your workout environment for one day of the week. Try outdoor cycling, swimming or even going for a hike with family or friends on a Sunday perhaps. This will give you a break from the same environment and make it more exciting for you when you come to the gym the next day, knowing you’ve had a break while still training your body and you’re ready to kill it at the gym again.

If you’re constantly working out at the gym alone and find yourself slowly starting to slack off, remember that Fitness Forum has group personal training classes! Working out with others is motivating as you gain moments of socialising with friends and also get to train with our very own experienced trainers who will not only motivate you, but can also teach you a new thing or two. Our group personal training sessions run weekly at 9AM on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. If you can’t make it to any of these sessions, we have you covered! We offer 9 different types of group classes each week that run several times, so in total we have 20 different time slots for you!

A quite common tip that I’ve heard of and had to try for myself is wearing your workout attire as a motivator to make you hit the gym. I can confidently say that this really does work because no one wants to go through the feeling of changing out of their gym wear without actually leaving the house and doing any form of exercise. If you get home from work and usually change into something comfy right away, try changing into your workout attire instead, so you’re ready to head to the gym. Now all you need to do is actually go!

The last tip we’re going to give you is to set smaller goals in between long term goals. Ensure your goals are realistic, motivating and have a good time frame. For example, “increasing reps from 8 to 12 in 3 weeks” is a much better goal to have than “a 6 pack in 3 months”. Setting smaller goals is motivating as you feel accomplished once you achieve your goal and you’re ready to set and achieve more goals.

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