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Let's Talk CARDIO!

Cardiovascular exercise, more commonly known as cardio is any form of exercise that increases your heart rate and blood circulation. There are many benefits involved with cardio, that you would be surprised. It is mostly used as the most efficient method for weight loss as it burns off calories quickly due to the energy it requires. It is important for weight loss, as well as working towards peaking abs, as muscles are more prominently shown when the body has a lower fat percentage.

When you think about cardio, what pops into your head? If it’s a treadmill, then you’re not wrong. However, there’s so much more to cardio than just a treadmill that people tend to forget. Of course running or walking on a treadmill is a great form of cardio, but it can get boring and you may lose interest. In order to ensure you are consistent with cardio, you must grow an interest in it and enjoy working out. Now let's have a look at some other machines that are great for cardio.

THE CROSS TRAINER: This machine is great as it involves the movement of both your arms and legs. Many people use the cross trainer as this machine works the entire body and promotes heavy weight loss while ensuring your joints are safe. Another benefit of this machine is that you can adjust the difficulty levels to suit your fitness needs. (Don’t go too easy on yourself though!)

STAIR CLIMBER: The stair climber machine is hard work but it’s highly effective for weight loss. Imagine climbing never ending stairs … because that’s what it’s like. Don’t let this thought pull you away from this effective machine though as you’ll definitely want to use it once you hear about the benefits. This machine mainly targets the lower body, including the glutes and just about every muscle in your legs. By incorporating the stair climber into your workout routine and pushing yourself further by increasing the difficulty levels, you’re enabling your body to build muscle and easily tone up. As cardio is also involved, you will be burning fat too.

ROWING MACHINE: The rowing machine provides a low impact cardio workout and it targets the upper and lower body. This machine is easy to use, can be used to perform HIIT training and also has adjustable levels of difficulty. By using this machine, you are able to strengthen and tone your body as it targets each major muscle group.

STATIONARY BIKE: This machine is perfect to use if you have upper body injuries or simply just want to give your upper body a break. The use of the stationary bike burns fat, of course but it also helps lower the levels of bad cholesterol within your body. Not only does this machine burn calories but it can also be used for strength training as it strengthens your overall leg muscles.

While all these machines are great for performing cardiovascular exercise, treadmills are also effective! But there is no harm in switching between these machines as it keeps your sessions interesting rather than repetitive.

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