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Protein Rich Breakfasts to sink your Fork into!

Healthy low fat recipes that are un-FORKING-believable to eat!

Egg white scramble

There are 3.6 reasons to eat eggs and 3.6 grams of protein in each egg white. - Scrambled eggs with fresh vegies and herbs can give you enough protein and fibre to keep you going for a solid few hours - Omega 3 is an essential fatty acid that protects your heart, brain and other vital organs - they are easy to make!

Greek yoghurt with fruit and nuts

If you need protein in the morning, than look no further than greek yoghurt. Chobani contains more than 18 grams per half-cup serving. Add in all the flavours such as berries, strawberries, watermelon, mango or sliced peaches for a bit of carbohydrate and some crushed nuts for added protein and healthy fat.

Protein pancake

Sometimes you just feel like a pancake but can't afford to eat that sugar! Add the variation of powdered protein rather than sugar and milk to your usual mix. Protein powder and mashed banana will also increase your fuel power and lower the amount of fat you consume.

Frittata egg muffins

Perfect for a breakfast on the go, frittata egg muffins are filled with protein, containing all the egg whites and Greek yoghurt your body desires. You can feel free to add spinach and mushrooms, they have plenty of flavour and are guilt free as well.

Protein smoothie

When cooking is a bleak option for you, protein shake smoothies are the delicious, protein full answer to a quick-but-nutritious high-protein breakfasts. There are so many combos, experiment with your fav fruits and milk or milk substitutes to find your fav!

Breakfast burrito

Our healthy take on our favourite dinner! Black beans, sweet potato, and scrambled eggs, salsa, brown rice tuna, egg whites and avocado. Need we say more?

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