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SUMMER Is Right Around The Corner ...

After surviving through the painful cold Winter that Australia gave us this year, Summer is almost here! Which means you can’t use the cold weather as an excuse to skip gym days. Get in sync with summer tunes and get your Summer bod ready!

Now that the nice, warm weather is finally starting to hit us, why not take advantage of it? Instead of wasting such beautiful days, soak up some Vitamin D and head outdoors with family and friends. As Summer approaches, it is the best time to go on hikes! You won’t need to be wearing 3 layers and you won’t be passing out either because the weather will be simply perfect. Get your hiking shoes on and let’s go! Hiking is great as you’re able to provide your body with exercise while getting out of the house and socialising. Don’t forget the amazing Instagram worthy pictures you could take on these hikes too!

Here are two hiking tracks are we think are great and you should give a go:

- If you're looking for something local then "The Dairy" part of Western Sydney Parklands is the perfect place to take the family on a Sunday. There's a hiking/bicycle track as well as amazing greenery.

- The Grand Canyon track in the Blue Mountains National Park is perfect for those who love beautiful scenery. This track will give you a bit of a challenge, however from the waterfalls to cliffs you won't be feeling bored!

It’s time to create a perfect Summer playlist that you can pump while working out! Get onto your music app, whether it’s Spotify or Apple Music and make a new workout playlist. This is perfect way to get you in tune with those Summer vibes that are right around the corner. It’s always good to switch things up, especially when it comes to fitness so you don’t lose interest and become unmotivated. Add those summer favs in that you love and get ready to smash out a workout.

Summer and Spring time in Australia means we get some amazing seasonal fruit! Ditch the processed snacks, chocolate and cake because, it’s time to hit the fruit and vegetable shop! It’s mango season! Make a fruit salad as a snack with nectarines, peaches, strawberries, plums, melons and berries. You’ll feel much better as well as refreshed once you provide your body with the right nutrients, rather than fatty and processed foods.

Here’s a treat we absolutely love that’s low in calories, has a great serving of protein and perfect to enjoy on a warm Summer’s day:

1. Add 1 serving of natural Greek yoghurt to a bowl.

2. Optional: Mix in 1 tablespoon of sugar free maple syrup if you have a sweet tooth or want to add some flavour to the yoghurt.

3. Slice your favourite seasonal fruit and add them in.

4. Top your yoghurt bowl with some toppings such as coconut flakes, chia seeds, cacao nibs or 2 even 2 blocks of crushed dark chocolate to get those healthy fats in!

And there you have a perfect sweet treat to enjoy without feeling guilty. Get creative and make your own variations with the fruits and toppings!

While Summer is amazing and also the perfect time to get fit and healthy, it’s important to remember to protect your skin and stay hydrated too!

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