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What Does Every FITNESS ENTHUSIAST NEED in their life?

If you love working out and would call yourself a fitness or gym enthusiast, keep reading! We’re here to go through a few things that every gym enthusiast needs to have in their life. Don’t worry, it’s not all just workout equipment like dumbbells or medicine balls.

RESISTANCE BANDS: These bands are one of the greatest things to own. They’re extremely small so they’re easy to keep in your gym bag or even when you’re going on a holiday and want to train while you’re away from the gym (you wouldn’t put dumbbells in your luggage, would you … ?). Resistance bands allow you to work out so many different muscles in your body as they can be used for a variety of exercises. They can also be used for all fitness levels as they have different bands designed at easy, medium and hard levels.

FITNESS APPS: If you haven’t given any fitness apps a go, I think it’s finally time to. There are endless fitness apps on the app store and play store to try out and the best thing is that most of them are free. There’s an app for almost all your needs these days! Whether you need reminders to hit the gym or you’d like to keep track of how many times you’ve hit the gym, find a fitness app. Fitness apps are also great for times when you’d like to switch up your workout routine, you need new workout ideas or would like to follow a workout plan that the app provides for you. Don’t stress, they won’t push you too much because there are workout routines for different fitness levels!

JUMP ROPE: This seems like such a basic item but here’s why it’s great to have - If you ever have a tight schedule and can’t seem to hit the gym or fit in a long workout, a jump rope is great as you can easily squeeze in some cardio. Using a jump rope increase your heart rate therefore, you will be burning calories. Now there are no excuses!

WORKOUT ATTIRE: Buying workout attire is great for motivating yourself to actually go to the gym and workout or even to just go on a walk or jog. I mean, who would want to spend money buying the nicest running shoes and workout clothes to just have them sitting in the closet?

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