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How to Stay in Shape as a Student

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

Between studying, sitting exams and writing essays, heading to the gym for a workout can be extremely challenging. To add to the busyness of it all, most of you may be working part time making that workout feel even further out of reach. With these other priorities, it is so easy to let a good diet and exercise routine slip away. Before you know it, you have less energy to run for the train or stay alert during crucial lectures making you wish you could fit everything into your busy schedule, including the gym.

To help you stay in shape all semester long, here is our best advice:

Dress for the gym

Some researchers have suggested the gear you wear in the gym may also affect your motivation in a positive way. When we look good, we feel good so that makes a lot of sense.

Workout with a friend

When you work out with a friend it is twice the workout, twice the motivation, twice the laughter and twice the fun. In all seriousness though, having a workout buddy will also help push. Plus, a bit of healthy competition can give you that extra push. Find a friend you can go with and get training together! Plus, you can now significantly reduce the cost of your membership by asking about our rewards program or click the link:

Have a workout plan

Know what you are going to do once you arrive to the gym. Having a plan will save you time which can be used studying and on other more important duties. You can even try to work on a plan which fits into your lunch break for more convenience. Did you know you are more likely to have success for the long term by having progressive plans? If you are unsure, have a chat with one of our experienced trainers or even better, book in a couple of sessions to find your bearings.

Set yourself realistic goals

Goal setting can help motivate you but also help you stay on track. The motivation may range from weight loss goals, to doing 10 chin ups. There is no limit to the number of goals you set either. The most important thing is that you keep the goals realistic and achievable. This is best accomplished with establishing small milestones.

Keep active throughout the day

When you can’t train at the gym, try to stay as active as possible with your daily activities. Park in the furthest spot to the campus, take the stairs, and catch up with mates by taking a stroll. You could even record your exam prep and play it through your headphones while you walk.

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