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The Winter Challenge

Welcome to Fitness Forum's 2019 Winter Challenge!

Firstly, congratulations on making the commitment to complete this challenge. If completed correctly, you will be rewarded with improved fitness levels, lower body fat levels and a sense of pride and self-accomplishment that is invaluable.

This is a self-paced challenge that ends on August 10th. You can attempt any challenge on any given day.
With any challenge that you are on a cardio machine, we ask that you take a photo of the screen once complete and show reception staff so they can mark you off on our chart. You must also fill in the booklet with your results.

With the single day challenges, they cannot be proven with photos. All we ask if that you complete these to the best of your ability with 100% honesty. I guarantee you the self-satisfaction of completing the challenge correctly, will outweigh any amount of fatigue you feel during it.

This web page, as with the booklet, will run you through what you need to do for each section of the Winter Challenge.

On the 11th of October Fitness Forum will be entering a team into the City 2 Surf. We encourage everyone who does the challenge to enter in our team for an unbelievable experience that will really top off your Winter Challenge experience.

When things get hard, remember why you are doing the challenge in the first place.

Good luck!!

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